What a spectacularly tone deaf ad

What a spectacularly tone deaf ad

I saw this ad on Twitter this morning, but apparently it has already been taken down from social media amid an outcry, & the company has issued an apology etc etc.

As they should.

Talk about being tone deaf.

This kind of ad plays into everything that is wrong with society at the moment – it is classist, it is trying to scare you, it is playing to the fears we all have of Coronavius.

And all to sell a bread maker.

You can almost see how the ad started life.

Some bright spark decided that they should target middle & upper class Indians, who are having to do cooking & housework that normally their domestic help would do.

“A bread maker!”

“Let’s flog ’em a bread maker, now that their maids are not coming to work because of lockdown!”

Might even have worked, as a sales pitch, appealing to people who are struggling to tackle everything during lockdown.

If only they hadn’t added the insulting “Her hands may be infected”, just think, people might well have decided to buy a machine, to deal with yet one more domestic chore, in the absence of said maid.

As it is – an epic fail.


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