It’s hard to believe that after everything India has done to fête its healthcare workers, some of them are threatening to resign.

I mean, for crying out loud, didn’t we all bang pots and pans to thank our healthcare workers? (Or was that to ward off the virus? It’s all so long ago, I can hardly remember.)

Didn’t we all light candles? (Or was that also for something else?)

Didn’t the armed forces shower doctors and nurses with rose petals?

And now they want their salaries?

Jeez, guys.

Gratitude much?

Right, that’s enough jocularity.

Let’s get serious now.

Just take a look at this report, if you will.

We are in the middle of a terrifying pandemic, and doctors have to wait 4 months to get paid?

Delhi, are you serious?

I have a sad, sneaky feeling that if this is the situation in Delhi, it might well be replicated in other cities.

Now how do I put this politely?

Just. Pay. The. Doctors.

Stop wasting money on stupid theatricals like rose petals.

Pay. The. Doctors.

Forget all the government-hyped “salute our frontline workers” gestures, (which have admittedly, quietened down of late) and just pay them their wages.

They have families and bills like everyone else.

Just. Pay. Them.

Otherwise they will resign, and where will that leave us all?


  1. Maverick Mariner Piscean

    Yes all of us seem to have missed a point. Criticising the forces for a job bestowed upon them by calling them stupid coz doctors are not getting paid at a later date is no justice either.
    I ask the author and the ppl who are voicing concerns to name one thing you have done to help out the cause, theatrical or practical or whatever….
    Anyways I agree with the issue at hand but calling armed forces names like stupid etc is not acceptable at all.

  2. Christopher Mitra

    Maverick Mariner Piscean And where do you stand on paying the seemed to have missed that point.. the thalis, diyas and petals are just theatrics..pointless and inconsequential in retrospect for the people in question

  3. Neena Nehru

    I support what you have said unequivocally, Christine, language and all! Gestures like showering rose petals are fine IF, and ONLY IF they are followed through with solid practical support such as PPEs, adequate test kits and, yes, for Pete’s sake, salaries! Otherwise they ARE just hollow theatrical gestures.

  4. Maverick Mariner Piscean

    Good effort but Sorry Christine, but both are two different things, we cannot call an effort by a country’s military to motivate the ppl of a country a “stupid theatrical”. I object to this big time.
    I usually like your articulation but in this one, choice of words could’ve been a tad better considering your mastery over language mam. I give it a 0/10?. Sorry.
    Yes, this is a troubling situation for all and ev system is saturated with work nd finances but the comparison you have made doesn’t do justice to the ppl who are working in the field ensuring all this happens. It is just reflects mis information and a non verified stance that public takes blindly based in stupid whatsapp forwards.
    Just a humble submission.

    1. Christine Pemberton

      OK, my friend. I hear you. But I still think that showering flower petals, at God knows what cost, was a colossal waste of time and effort and resources and money. Perhaps the doctors enjoyed it. I sure hope so, but I suspect they’d also appreciate PPE and their salaries.

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