A gold Coronavirus mask, anyone?

A gold Coronavirus mask, anyone?

Despite all my best efforts, I find I’m still fretting about this wretched, scary Coronavirus.

I KNOW I can’t do anything to stop it, and that my constant checking of the news & the official statistics & Twitter don’t really help too much…but…

What I CAN do is bring a wry smile/exasperated eye roll to your worried faces, with this batshit crazy story.

A bloke in Pune, India who “ is known for wearing luxurious and heavy gold rings in all the fingers, gold bracelets on his wrist and huge gold chains around his neck” has had a gold face mask made.

Like so:

So ya boo sucks to all the designers out there making masks to match wedding outfits, and all the companies emblazoning their logos on face masks – you have been totally outmanoeuvred in the blingtastic stakes.

I consistently come in for a lot of flak in this blog from readers who don’t like any criticism whatsoever, implied or overt, of Mother India, so I am not going to say a word about this super expensive gold mask.

Not one word.

I will simply share what other people said on Twitter about this mask:

As we say in my native Yorkshire “there’s nowt so queer as folk.”


  1. Balbir Singh Gandhi

    What I read Christine, this mask has hole thru which you can breathe and so does the virus ? can cross thru….. so it’s another show off stuff good for nothing…. god bless this bloke

  2. Penny Winter

    Now if it were silver…. there is some evidence that silver is at least antiseptic, unless it is very well fitted to his face it will not stop the virus either way, him infecting other people or vice versa. Hope he doesn’t die to regret it!
    Not usually preachy but Luke 12 v18-21 comes to mind!

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