About 10 days ago, I shared with you here the news that the word “Fair” was to be dropped from one of the most pernicious products sold in India.

Fair & Lovely, a skin-whitening/skin-lightening product widely sold in India, became the focus of criticism in the wake of the #Blacklivesmatter movement.

So the boffins at Hindustan Unilver, who make this skin-whitening/skin-lightening product, tackled the issue by removing that pesky word FAIR from the product.

A couple of days ago, they unveiled the new name for their product.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you GLOW & LOVELY.

Er, what?

Strikes me as very clunky.

The name, that is.

The product is still as pernicious as it always was. Well, unless they have removed all skin lightening/whitening chemicals, of course.

I was thrilled to see that I am not the only grammar nazi out there, as lots of people puzzled online over the weird name:

Brought cheer to my heart – possibly even a glow – to read about nominal clauses on Twitter 🙂

So there you go.

Fair is now glow.

Sadly, I fear the product is the same.

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