Out-blinging Coronavirus

Out-blinging Coronavirus

Remember, a couple of weeks ago, I shared with you here the story of a man in Pune who had a gold anti Coronavirus face mask made?

It cost the princely sum of Rs 2.89 lakhs, which is a lot of moolah here.

But poor Mr. Khurade of Pune has already been totally outblinged by a Mr. Mohanty from Cuttak who has had an even more expensive gold mask made – Rs 3.5 lakhs.

(A lakh, by the way is 100,000, so we are talking $3857 for Mr. Khurade’s mask & $4670 for Mr. Mohanty’s)

Mr. Mohanty admits he was inspired by Mr. Khurade and he loves gold so much that he is, we are told, fondly called “gold man” by his peers.

Apparently, though, his mask is of a slightly different design from Mr. Khurade’s.

“I had recently seen a businessman wearing a golden mask on television. As I have a penchant for gold so I placed the order for the same through a Mumbai based trader. It’s a N95 mask in which 90 to 100 grams of golden threads have been used. The mask has minute holes for breathing and is comfortable to wear,” said Mohanty.”


Ah ha!

Holes to breathe through. Makes total sense.

Still got tatty elastic though, if I might be so bold.

Apparently Mr. Mohanty-fondly-called-gold-man also has a gold cap.

I think we need to see this, too.

But while we wait to see the gold cap, here are some more piccies of Mr. Mohanty.

Sudden thought – I do hope that’s not The Gold Cap…very underwhelming if it is…


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