Rescuing the rescuer

Rescuing the rescuer

This is SUCH an adorable story, even though it initially involves a dog in distress, which is absolutely not adorable at all, she hastens to add…in case you think I’m a horrid person…

This is the story of Daisy the 55kg St. Bernard who had to be carried down by a mountain rescue team from the peak of Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, in the Lake District, because she was unwell.

Just look at these amazing photos!

According to the BBC, Friday’s operation, which involved 16 members of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, took five hours as rescuers carried Daisy on a stretcher over obstacles including a waterfall.

Bless her.

And don’t you just love the great rescue team?

A lovely, kind story with a happy ending.


  1. Kathakoli Dasgupta

    Our friends carried their Labrador, Tom, back on their shoulders as he was too tired (he has arthritis poor thing) to walk back. And that was Scafell pike too! We kept thinking of Tom (who we sit sometimes when the parents are away) when we were walking there last week.

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