Anyone who follows me on Instagram couldn’t have failed to notice that I was a tad obsessed with Delhi’s deep blue sky yesterday.

The incredible blueness of the sky featured not once but twice – in my running Insta account as well as in my main personal account.

Here you go:


And @christinepemberton:

Lots of friends also shared their photos and videos, so I was not alone in my delight at the deep blue sky.

I called it lockdown blue (I am hereby patenting that name, folks!!). Our skies during full lockdown were heart-achingly beautiful, day after day, and it was one of the most amazing aspects of those strange weeks.

Well, it turns out there was quite the scientific and meteorological explanation for yesterday’s blueness.

“It took a rare confluence of five factors — strong easterly winds, rain the previous day, low dust and emissions, a high ventilation coefficient, and bright sunshine — for Delhi to wake up on Thursday to something it rarely does: a clean, clear, cerulean sky.”

The article is interesting, because we so rarely have clean skies and clean air, that it requires a whole scientific explanation.

It was stunning while it lasted.

By this morning, lockdown blue had been replaced by usual-overcast-grey.

So we were right to celebrate the blueness while we could 🙂


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