Bring on the ice-skating bagpipers!

Bring on the ice-skating bagpipers!

Of late I am feeling (along with about 99% of the world’s population, I suspect) very fed up & cast-down by the virus + the apparent helplessness of most of our elected governments to deal with the situation + the toxicity on show the world over – especially on Twitter, which is becoming, frankly, poisonous.


Twitter did produce one marvel this morning.

An absolute gem, which I further Googled (in the interests of blog honesty etc etc) and I hereby share with you.

So kindly stop whatever you are doing right now, and, in the interests of world peace and your own mental well-being, watch this video (below).

From my favourite part of India, Ladakh, which is currently the scene of scary military tensions, I bring you the skating bagpipers of the Ladakh Scouts.

Too, too fabulous.

I mean, why wouldn’t you skate and play the bagpipes at 3500 metres?

Don’t you feel better already?


  1. Anonymous

    Crumbs, I’m not sure I could breathe at that altitude!! I got dizzy at 2500m in Utah. They were brilliant. I realised as I was watching that I had a huge smile on my face. Definitely cheered me up. Stay safe.

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