Our connectivity up here in the Phalachan Valley in Himachal is a little patchy, which is why you’ll find me, most days, walking back down the mountain to a particular bend in the road where the signal is much better.

There, with the mountains towering over me and the icy river rushing noisily past, I stand at the side of the road and quickly download my email, and check Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks to the latter, I know about the unspeakable horrors taking place in the Indian state of UP. To be honest, I could hardly bring myself to read the earlier reports about the poor girl’s gangrape and mutilation, but the final obscenity of the police – cremating her in the dead of night, against her family’s wishes…it is a level of evil that I honestly cannot even begin to comprehend.

I’m not trying to be ostrich-like, I assure you. But there is only so much vileness I can take, and 2020 has given it to us in spades.
I feel utterly powerless to do anything – other than talk to you all here – so, as promised in the title of this blog post – here is a photo for you.

And sorry, truly, if it comes across as ostrich-like.

This is where we are staying this week. Isn’t it heavenly?

I went for a walk down by the river this evening, as the sun was setting, and it was so peaceful and calming and beautiful.

The only person I met was a pretty young girl, carrying a huge mound of grass on her back – laying in the winter fodder. I squeezed to the side of the narrow track to let her past, she smiled, and was gone.


  1. Charlotte ter Haar

    What a ghastly story, Christine – no coverage over here that I’m aware of. And just this morning an 11-year old Dalit girl has had her head smashed in with a brick – though, perhaps mercifully, not apparently raped as well….. It’s a truly vile world we live in, isn’t it? Cx

  2. Kathakoli Dasgupta

    I hear you. Every word. Hard to not let my mind wander to the horrors back home even as I see the picture perfect villages around. My daily running is helping me stay sane.

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