God bless Facebook (some of the time)

God bless Facebook (some of the time)

Today FB is my friend, because it kindly reminded me of my post from 10 years ago today.

Go on!

Who can remember exactly what they were doing 10 years ago today?!

Quick drumroll – this is what I was doing, folks:

Yes! The opening ceremony of the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

10 years ago, Delhi friends. 10 years.

What an evening.

My husband got pickpocketed – thankfully, he got his wallet back intact the next day, but not before we’d had a bit of a domestic on that scarily wonky overbridge, much to the amusement of the passing crowds…I seem to remember it was along the lines of “you and your bright ideas. Coming to the bloody opening ceremony, of all things. And now look what’s happened.”

Once he’d calmed down, we enjoyed the opening ceremony, I have to say.

I showed my true Delhi colours by loudly booing Mr.Kalmadi – along with most of the spectators. That was fun 😛

Quick question – does anyone know what happened to Mr. Kalmadi? Did he just fade from view after the CWG?

There was a great mood that night, I have to say (apart from the pickpocketing business). Everyone very happy and chatty and friendly.

And I loved the way the Indians loudly cheered the Pakistani contingent during the march past.

Nice memories. (Apart from the pickpocket.)

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