Photo of the day – staying above the fray

Photo of the day – staying above the fray

We got back to Delhi last night, trading the crisp clean Himalayan air and glorious vistas of mountains for Delhi.

And awful traffic.

And a heck of a lot of dust.

And, for me, a low-grade headache all day today – courtesy of said dust and pollution, I suspect.

I am desperately trying to cling onto the Himalayan zen of the last 2 glorious weeks, and not get dragged down by the news – I mean, jeez Louise – Trump!! Is he for real?!

And as the caste/gender violence happening here in India…

I shall, in other words, aim to remain above the fray.

A bit like this lovely man in Galihar village, who was putting his “rajma” beans out to dry on the roof of his house for the winter.

As one does.

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