Desperately trying to see a positive side of Covid

Desperately trying to see a positive side of Covid

Today we are mourning the loss of one of our Delhi friends to Coronavirus.

This is the closest this terrible pandemic has come to us.

We know several people who have had Covid-19 & recovered (including 2 very, very close members of my family) but today is the first death of someone we know.

So I am plunged back into misery and worry again.

There is absolutely no upside to this awful virus, is there?

All that forced positivity during lockdown has gone.

All that delight at the silence & the birdsong. Long gone.

All that happiness at the deep blue Delhi skies. Gone, gone, gone.

How the hell can anyone be positive about the skies now, when they are grey, and the AQI is already dismal & you can taste the muck in the air?

Forgive the low spirits – all I can do is share with you the only nice thing I heard about the pandemic today, which is a truly lovely story of Macchu Picchu opening up for one stranded tourist.

WHAT an amazing experience to be the only person there.

Worth the 7 month wait.


And that’s it for today, folks.

Normal service will be resumed soon, I promise.

And please, please – stay safe!


  1. Julene Want

    Sorry to hear you have been so closely affected Christine. What stage of lockdown are you in?
    Machu Picchu would be serene with few visitors, it was very crowded this time last year but still quite an amazing experience. xx

    1. christine

      Thanks, love. We’re not locked down any more. In fact the govt is opening things up, in a desperate attempt to get the economy moving. But we are heading into festival season, so God knows how that will pan out…

  2. Annemarie

    Sorry for your loss, Christine. I know a number of people who had it and recovered, but we too have been affected by the restrictions caused by this awful virus. My 36-year-old nephew died of a sudden unexpected heart attack in May and we couldn’t of course go to the funeral and support my brother and his wife. The family everywhere is still waiting until next year when we can come together and celebrate his life. So sad.

    As for Machu Pichu, the inca trail is supposed to be my ‘big’ birthday celebration trek in 2022. Hope it will be possible!

  3. Kathakoli Dasgupta

    Sorry to hear about your friend. May they rest in peace.
    It’s not possible to keep one’s chin up and stay positive all the time during the pandemic. Take care and big hugs.
    PS: The Machu Pichhu story is fab, btw. Made me feel happy.

  4. Myriam sleeckx

    Sorry to hear that. In Belgium the virus is all around us. Hospitals are full, code red everywhere. For the moment we are in Spain for a week. In the area where we are staying it’s code orange. So we could fly. When we go back, we are going to be tested just to make sure that we are safe. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real : a virus that’s having the whole world in its power. I hope you and your family are safe. Greetings

  5. Anne Marie Phillips

    I’m just wondering how long it’s going to be before every single person is touched in some way. We haven’t been yet, DG. But it’s only a matter of time. My Mum is 92 and still tries to get me to sneak into her assisted living facility! She thinks I’m mean when I won’t do it. How do I get her to take it seriously? I dont want to lose her before I can give her a hug again! It’s been 7 months. Unbelievable.
    On the positive side (sort of) we’ve got a heck of a lot of decorating done!!

      1. Anne Marie Phillips

        Anne Marie Phillips
        I will, but she will then ask me loads of questions about you and expect me to know every detail of your life. She can never understand that we are very private and while we are friendly with neighbours etc. I don’t ask people personal questions. Mum does! I Let people share what they want. If they don’t then fine. I think mum has such a narrow existence (and it’s getting narrower) she lives off other people’s lives. Weird but sadly true. I love her to bits and she is a sweetheart but nosy! OMG is a she ever?
        Regards to your lovely family (your children are gorgeous)

  6. Chati Says

    I am sorry for your loss Christine! If something may lift your mood and if you do believe in Vaccines, here’s the latest news from Biontech. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and we have a vaccine and an end to this pandemy soon!…/genehmigung-erhalten…
    Please use google translate ? . Couldn’t find the latest article in English

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