RIP Trump Krishna

RIP Trump Krishna

Oh no.

I have to give you the sad end to a slightly bonkers story.

I’d shared with you, earlier this year, photos of a man in south India who worshiped Donald Trump as a god.

Like so:

The poor Indian worshipper died of a heart attack at the weekend.

Here’s the story from the Hindustan Times:

Bussa Krishna, a 33-year old man from Telangana, who hit the headlines by turning his puja room into a temple for US President Donald Trump and later made a statue of him, died of heart attack at his parents’ home…According to his family members, Krishna collapsed while having a cup of tea. 

“He was feeling depressed for the last couple of weeks after coming to know that Trump and Melania had tested positive for Covid-19. But he was healthy and had no prior medical complications,” his cousin Vivek told reporters. 

Krishna, hit the headlines for the first time in 2018 by installing a photograph of Trump in his puja room and worshipping it every day along with other Hindu gods at his house… 

Last year, he had built a six-foot statue of Trump in front of his house and had been conducting regular pujas and bathed it with milk. He pasted posters and stickers of the US President all over his house and had written graffiti praising Trump on the walls. He used to wear T-shirts with Trump’s name on it.

Poor fellow.

Seems kind of pointless for this man to die so young.

He sounds to have been harmless, and all he wanted to do was meet his hero, who had appeared to him in a dream, apparently.



  1. Ram Venkatraman

    oh so sorry to hear that Trump could not save him, i remember there was one guy who was keeping an photo of Saddam Hussain in his prayer room and praying for him. by that account, there are some who still think hitler was a god.

    1. Christine Pemberton

      am Venkatraman, poor chap. A bit of a weird obsession, admittedly, but he was so young. And what made me feel sorry for him was that I doubt whether Mr. Trump would ever have wanted to meet him…or, actually, who knows? Perhaps he would. Perhaps he would’ve like the idea of being treated as a god…

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