The original feel good story

The original feel good story

And boy, don’t we all need a feel good story these days?

So, after being in the doldrums of late, here I am trying to be upbeat-y and cheerful for you all, and I must say that as a feel-good story, this one ticks all the boxes.

A poor rickshaw driver’s son from Delhi ends up studying at the English National Ballet School, courtesy a wonderful teacher and a 2-week crowdfunding campaign by Bollywood stars.

Told ya 🙂

It has dancing & ballet & Bollywood & even a rickshaw driver. It has kindness and hope and generosity.

Only thing that doesn’t tick the box is that I didn’t read about Kamal Singh the ballet dancer anywhere in the Indian press, so all of this is thanks to The Guardian. Here’s the link to the story, which I’ll let them tell you.

Do read it! It is just such a happy story.

It is a lovely story, isn’t it, involving a clearly wonderful teacher & the kindness of strangers.

From these few photos, young Kamal Singh looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.


  1. Neena Nehru

    Yes, a real feel-good story. I saw a Bollywood film on the same theme, except set in Mumbai, and the boys from Dharavi. From the pics, this one looks like he’s on the road to being another Nureyev! Thanks for sharing.

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