“India is filthy”

“India is filthy”

Well, THAT’S not a very nice thing to say, now, is it Mr. Trump?

And we all thought you were great mates with our PM, Mr Modi?

In your debate last night (early morning for us here in “filthy” India) you said – and I quote”:

“Look at China, how filthy it is. Look at Russia. Look at India. It’s filthy. The air is filthy.

India got 2 x filthy, which must have vexed Mr. Modi no end. 

Honestly, is that anyway to talk about your BFF’s fiefdom?

I think all this is very uncalled for, Mr. Trump, after everything we did for you in February when you breezed in for a few hours.

We ignored the rioting right here in Delhi, so as not to spoil your photo op.

We built you a wall in Ahmedabad (to hide the slums, if you want to know).

We packed a cricket stadium with loads of cheering people.

We have people who revere you as a god. Well, we did. Poor bloke just died.

I mean, do the Russians & the Chinese regard you as a god?

No, right?

And THIS is how you thank us?

With 2 “filthy”s.

May I remind you of what you said about “filthy” India earlier his year, when you were our guest and we spent gazillions of rupees tidying up a city where you spent less than 3 hours?

“India and the US share a natural, beautiful and enduring friendship. Powered by this spirit, Indians and Americans are thriving together for progress.”

“India is blessed with many treasures, from the scared banks of the Ganges, to the Golden Temple to the Jama Masjid. All Indians–Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews, rich and poor — must take pride in glories of past, bright future. You speak more than 100 languages and have over two dozen states, yet you have stood as one great nation.”


I fear Mr. Modi will be less than pleased with his BFF “Dolan”, as he sweetly called you.

And now, setting all this banter aside, what is REALLY distressing in all this is that Mr. Trump is actually 100% correct.

Our air is FILTHY.

For those of us living in the north of the country, especially here in Delhi, our air is already DISGUSTING.

(Yeah, could be the self same photo from any of my winter blog posts over the years, right? NOTHING changes…)

And it’s only the start.

We are faced with this toxic muck for the next few months.

As I write, this is the AQI in Delhi:

I have had a low-grade headache for the past 3/4 days, my eyes are stinging – and we are among the lucky ones.

We have air purifiers in every room.

We have plants everywhere.

The plight of the less fortunate is dire. And with Covid-19 added to the mix, the outlook is bleak.

Anyway, yes, getting back to you, Mr. Trump: what you said wasn’t nice.

It wasn’t very diplomatic.

It certainly wasn’t very friendly, “Dolan”, after all that hugging & hand-holding with Mr. Modi.

We have a word for that kind of behaviour here:

“Ungrateful” is the kindest translation.


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