Psst?  Wanna buy a magic lamp?

Psst? Wanna buy a magic lamp?

There is, apparently, no limit to human stupidity.

I give you a doctor (a doctor!!!!) in the north Indian city of Meerut who paid Rs 2.6 crore/$348,770/£269,424 to buy a magical Aladdin’s lamp. Complete with a resident genie, of course, who would make all his wishes come true.

Initially Dr. Khan wasn’t at all worried when he stumped up a load of moolah and was then told to put his magic lamp away in a box for 2 years & not touch it.

(And this man is a DOCTOR?! Supposedly a man of science?! Jeez!)

Anyway, the good doctor did eventually get suspicious and went to the cops.

Here you go, from the Times of India:

Being charitable, yeah, obviously I hope this gullible man gets his money back.

But if I were one of his patients, I might perhaps feel a change of doctor would be advisable…


      1. Penny Winter

        Christine Pemberton for us, on the Welsh/English border we have pretty well had 10 days of lockdown already with all the shops in Hay closed. The frustrating thing will be that when they open in a week we shouldn’t use them! But all in all we are very lucky, we have clean air, plenty of space in the house, are not reliant on work and don’t often go to the city anyway.

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