STOP throwing your children over the school gate!!

STOP throwing your children over the school gate!!

There’s very little these days to make one laugh out loud, but this completely mad story in The Times this morning did the trick.

Apparently, in a little town in the south of France, some parents who arrive at school after the premises have been locked at 8.30am THROW THEIR CHILDREN OVER THE SCHOOL GATES.

And the school says this practice must stop. Immediately!

And they have made a poster to drive home the message.

You literally could not make this stuff up 🙂 🙂

The comments to the article made for equally hilarious reading, such as this one:

“Great opportunity for the French to win more Olympic medals. Pole vaulting, gymnastics, high jump and trampolining coaches should be available outside every school.”

This is THE daftest thing you’ll read today, I guarantee.

Go on, admit it – don’t you feel better already, amidst all the doom & gloom ?!!

PS: On a personal level, I would like my adult children, Hari & Anjulie, to acknowledge, in public, that I was clearly not the monster they both claimed I was during their childhood.

I NEVER once chucked you over the school gates, now, did I?!


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