It’s Friday 13th. In 2020.

It’s Friday 13th. In 2020.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh nothing much.

Just a truck rear-ending us this afternoon, as we drove to the farm for Diwali.

That kind of Friday 13th-y-2020 stuff.

Not too much damage, though the tail lights will be expensive to repair.

Scratching, perhaps a little dent ot two.

But no-one was hurt or whiplashed, so on a scale of even more s**t that 2020 could throw at us, it’s not that bad.

On which note, let me wish every one of you lovely people a very happy and safe Diwali.

Stay home. Stay safe. PLEASE don’t go out and party.

And second PLEASE of the evening, no fireworks.

We all need to breathe.


  1. Anonymous

    From what I have seen and heard about Indian driving, I am surprised anybody even ventures out in a vehicle! Glad everyone is OK. Happy Diwali.
    I would like to wish my Indian friend Happy Diwali but she burnt her house down last year with Diwali lights!! No kidding!

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