Tears and mountain memories

Tears and mountain memories

Yesterday we went to visit the charming Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, on the outskirts of Mussoorie. I will write a pukka review of our visit anon, but for now I wanted to share with you a very special moment I had there.

2 of our party climbed to the highest point in the reserve, called Flag Hill, suitably adorned with Tibetan prayer flags.

And from Flag Hill there was THE most stupendous view of the Himalayas, featuring “my” mountain, Banderpoonch, which I climbed in 2018.

Actually, we made it to about 200 vertical metres below the summit, before the climbing leader decided to turn us all round, as it was too risky to continue.

Despite not technically sumitting, I feel as though my days and nights on this beautiful mountain permit me a sense of kinship.

And so I stood yesterday, below the prayer flags, and wept a little at the sight of Banderpoonch covered in snow, after the snowfall of 2 days earlier.

They were tears of joy.

Tears of pride.

It was a quiet, emotional moment.

Like all of us, I had SO many ambitious plans for 2020.

I honestly thought this year was going to be my year, one in which I tackled a few more challenges.

Well, we all know how well those kind of ideas panned out.

So seeing the beautiful mountain and knowing how hard we struggled to try and summit, and how wonderful the trip was, and how breathtakingly stunning the sunrise of summit morning…well, yes, it made me grateful and happy for such amazing memories.

And of course, I sent up a wish, a plea, a prayer to the mountain gods, to let me climb again. And soon.

2021, I’m counting on you…


  1. Dawn McMaster

    Beautiful photo and words, Christine. You have proven over and over again that you have the stamina to get through very challenging times, while helping others all the while. Stay well.

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