One of Delhi’s finest up to his tricks again

One of Delhi’s finest up to his tricks again

8.30 in the morning, walking to gym along a fairy quiet street.

Car suddenly swerves over and brakes to a halt right in front of me. As in 2 feet away from me.

As soon as I start yelling and waving my arms around, he screeches away, only to pull over further down the road, and look over his shoulder at me.

The 4 security guards chatting right next to me when this idiot drives towards me?

They gawp.

The 2 cops just behind me, guarding some damned VIP or other?

They gawp.

The driver was just being the usual moronic idiot that sadly you find here.

I don’t think he would’ve molested me.

I don’t think he was trying to knock me down.

He just wanted a reaction. From a woman. Let’s see her jump out of my way.




And the worst of it?


Let’s watch a woman jumping out of the way of a car that deliberately swerved in front of her on an empty road. Brightens up the morning.

I recorded my reaction immediately afterwards, and as I rewatched it just now, before sharing it with you, I incidentally noticed the pathetic state of our roads.

And I live in a so-called “posh” colony, for crying out loud.

I was tempted to run after the car, especially because he slowed down to have a look.

I am a marathoner, remember!

But I am so sick of that kind of man in this city, so sick of their arrogance and misogyny, I felt that running after him would probably have amused him even more.

Anyway, later on at gym, when my coach made me do ball slams, I had the image of this pathetic creep in mind…

In this most unsafe of cities, to feel unsafe in my own street, in the morning…not nice.


  1. Kumar Shah

    I don’t miss Delhi and India, which I left fifty years ago. Turns my stomach to see the demeaning treatment to women and the poor. I’ve nearly punched out men cutting in lines and walking through a door I am holding open for a lady.

    Returning to NYC and having someone say “After you” at the elevator door tells me I am back where I belong.

  2. Anonymous

    It doesn’t look as though things will ever change. Martin was in Delhi with the BC in 1984 he pretty much described the same thing. Women and children don’t matter. The place is ruled by men for men. I could have gone with him but didn’t fancy travelling with a 4 year old and 1 year old. With everything I hear, I’m sort of glad that I didn’t. My temper would have got me I to trouble. Either that, or I would have been laughed at. Probably the latter. By the way, the state of those roads would terrify me. I’d end up flat on my face!

  3. Kathakoli Dasgupta

    Some things never change. Would you believe that teenage clyclists here—in our sleepy little village—play this sort of prank? Back in India, I’d give them an earful, but I don’t even know what to say to young lads here.

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