Meet a lovely colour coordinated man

Meet a lovely colour coordinated man

I don’t know about you good folk, but as far as I’m concerned, life is pretty drab and dull and downbeat at the moment.

We are all worried sick about Coronavirus – and if you’re not worried, well, to be honest, I think you should be.

I digress.

Delhi today was foggy and miserable.

Our AQI is bad.

So yeah, all very un-festive, un-jolly. As I said, drab and dull.

Which is why this slightly mad story about this lovely man from Bangalore cheered me up no end.

Don’t you love his name? He’d have been called Septimus, in 19th century Blighty 😛

And all the details – 7 pockets, 7 buttons. Love it 🙂

Certainly brightened my day up.

You’re very welcome.


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