In which I learn about the Sikh “sacrament drink”

In which I learn about the Sikh “sacrament drink”

I talked about the ongoing farmer’s protest here in the blog the other day.

The farmers continue to blockade Delhi and indeed today there’s a general strike – in support of the farmers, I hasten to add.

There have been lots of heart-warming stories coming out from the protest, many connected to food, interestingly enough.

I told you how the protesting farmers – many of them Sikhs from Punjab and Haryana – are preparing food for everyone, including the policemen charged with keeping them out of Delhi.

They have been feeding street dwellers and rag-pickers.

Farmers from all over the country are coming to join the protest, as are doctors. There is obviously a huge worry about Coronavirus because of the crowds and – being honest – many protestors do not seem to be wearing masks, judging from the photos online.

So it was with great interest that I read this article (below) about a sacred drink called “Shaheedi Degh”.

“Shaheedi” I understand – from “shahid”, martyr, right?

But I didn’t know the word “Degh”, though in the context, I imagine it’s something to do with a drink.

Mr. Google to the rescue. “Drink of Martyrs.”

How interesting all this is.

Loved the bit about the left-overs being made into balls which are hurled into the air!

And how much effort goes into making this drink.

I’m not at all convinced by the ability of Shaheedi Degh to ward off Coronavirus, as Mr. Sukwinder Singh claims – and that almost-throwaway-comment “…nobody is getting tested for Covid-19 at the site” is a scary revelation.

Anyway, I’ve learned something new today.

I’ve also learned a new word – “Degh”

Two, actually, because in all honesty, I can’t say that I already knew the Hindi for a Northern Goshawk 😛

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