Mount Everest has grown

Mount Everest has grown

International Mountain Day (today) seems the perfect day to share the breaking news that Mount Everest is now, officially, a whole 86cm higher.

Over the years, Nepal and China have not always seen eye to eye about the height of their shared peak – the international border runs across the summit.

Nepal claimed the summit was 8848m, as per the 1954 Survey of India.

China claimed it to be 4m less.

But this week, the 2 powers agreed that the highest point in the world is officially 8848.86m.

Here are 2 excellent links, explaining the why’s and wherefore’s far better than I can:

This article (below) is particularly interesting:

I’ve been to Base Camp, twice: I trekked solo to the Nepalese Camp, and a few years later drove to the Chinese Camp, which was a bit weird.

One side took me days of hiking to reach.

The other a matter of hours.

But now, just think, if ever I had actually contemplated climbing the mountain herself, I’d have to factor in those extra 86 centimetres…almost enough to make me think twice!

On my way to Nepal in 2006 – we had stunning views

And, by the way, how cool is it that the border runs through the summit? That means that you can stand at the highest point in the world and be astride 2 countries.

Serious motivation to climb, right?

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