Nothing like pottering with your potted plants

Nothing like pottering with your potted plants

I’ve shamefully neglected my roof terrace this year…all 12 days of it 😛

Guilty as charged.

The roof terrace was a total lifesaver during lockdown, so it definitely deserves more TLC than it’s had recently.

But it has been SO cold of late, that I’ve moved my makeshift gym inside, down from the roof, and have left the plants & the terrace to fend for themselves.

But this afternoon, overcome with guilt and feeling a tad apathetic about walking in the park, I decided to do a few rounds on the roof terrace by way of exercise.

I also said hello to the Xmas trees which were relocated there on 6 January.

And it was all looking very jolly indeed.

Like so.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram may remember my battles with our darling puppy Leia who spent most of lockdown eating my roses.

So I am determined NOT to show her this cracker 🙂

Such a big, borderline blowsy creature, but it still baffles me how the very same roses that flower in the summer can then re-flower in the perishing winter cold…the wonders of nature and all that.

Ditto this garlic vine which also flourished through the summer, then again in the autumn and is now re-re-flowering. Not that I am complaining, you understand.

The kumquats are also re-fruiting.

I know they fruited during lockdown, because I remember doing a blog post about hypothetically feeding my family from my roof terrace garden and kumquats definitely featured.

So that’s pretty nice, getting a couple of harvests a year.

And there are lots of little perfume-y blossoms, meaning more fruit is on its way:

The lemongrass is valiantly doing its thing.

The olive trees are getting taller, but the half a dozen olives produced during the summer weren’t really enough for anything, so here’s hoping that the 2021 harvest will be bigger and better 🙂

No lemons as yet…which means, of course, that I’ve got nothing to squabble about with the mali (gardener)!

So, in a nutshell, not bad for the middle of winter.

Not bad at all.

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