Trying to stay zen by ignoring nearly everything

Trying to stay zen by ignoring nearly everything

India is in a very strange head space at the moment.

Seriously weird.

And very troubling.

When the Delhi Police files a case against Greta Thunberg for tweeting about the ongoing farmers’ protests, then you realise that you have lost touch. With what, I’m more sure, but definitely with something.

When the Delhi police puts nails and spikes and concrete barriers and barbed wire to stop its own citizens entering the city limits, then – yet again – you realise that you are seriously out of sync.

So in order to try and keep my sanity in what is already a stressful world – we are still living in the midst of a pandemic, remember? – I’m being very cowardly.

I rant and rave over my morning paper, usually with only our rescue puppy Leia for puzzled company.

Then I try and switch off by exercising or going for a run.

Which is what I did this morning, but later than usual, by which time my favourite park was closed (WHY?? WHY WOULD YOU CLOSE A PARK AT THE BEST TIME OF THE DAY??) so I headed to my 2nd favourite local park instead.

I have to say, that on a scale of things our local council has done for us, this park ranks as a distinct success story.

From a filthy, garbage-strewn, borderline dangerous place a few years ago, we now have a nice park with a (heavily restored) monument as its centrepiece, but hey! A mosque has been saved. Walls have been shorn up. Trees have been planted. And I for one am delighted.

This might not count as breaking news in this stressful, beleaguered city but it is at least 100% positive news.

And we could all use more of that these days.

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