Hey!  Hands off our tea!

Hey! Hands off our tea!

Although most of my attention yesterday was focused on the terrible tragedy unfolding in the Himalayan state of Uttarkhand, where a glacier collapsed and unleashed a devastating flood, I was, nevertheless, shocked to read the Prime Minister’s speech in Assam.

Apparently there is a villainous plot afoot to malign India’s tea industry.


Can you believe it?

Will India’s enemies stop at nothing?

“Documents have emerged to show that a conspiracy has been hatched outside the country to defame Indian tea. I am sure the tea workers from Assam will give a befitting reply. No tea garden worker in Assam can tolerate this attack and I am sure they will win this fight against these conspirators as they are stronger than these forces with vested interest,” PM Modi said.

Good Lord.

Mr. Modi continued:

“I want to say to the conspirators from Assam that the country will never let their nefarious conspiracy succeed. These conspirators do not have enough strength to compete with the hard work of our tea garden workers,” Modi, who was on a second visit to the election-bound state in a fortnight, said.

This “nefarious conspiracy” is all part of the infamous toolkit we’ve been hearing about this past week:

The PM was apparently referring to the ‘toolkit’ tweeted by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg in connection with the farmers’ protest. One of the points reportedly mentioned there was to “disrupt yoga and chai image of India in general”.

I’m all shook up.

Need a nice reviving cuppa, methinks, to get over this dastardly news.


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