RIP Your Royal Highness

RIP Your Royal Highness

I won’t make this a very long post, nor will I rehash the late Prince Philip’s life – we’ve all got Wikipedia/the Beeb/vicious Twitter trolls to do that for us. There is a veritable tsunami of information online, to tell us all about his life, his diligence, his sense of duty, and, of course, his famed foot-in-mouth moments.

There is also no dearth of nastiness on Twitter, inexplicably rejoicing in the death of a 99 year old man.

How cruel some people can be.

As if the world isn’t going through enough pain and suffering already, do we need to be horrid about an old man who has just died?



All I want to say, sitting over 4,000 miles away in Delhi, is that I am feeling surprisingly blue.

I think he was a good, decent man.

I am huge fan of her Majesty and she must be heart-broken, dear lady.

I’m feeling a tad bereft, if the truth be known.

And yes, obviously I am going to end this with a Prince Philip-ism…one of his less controversial ones, too!!

When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.


  1. Anne Marie Phillips

    She must be heartbroken. It doesn’t matter how old someone is or how expected it is. It is still devastating. I still weep for Dad and he was 95 and very frail. Doesn’t matter. Mum and I still miss him. I’m sure the Queen will miss him for the rest of her life. I think sometimes its worse when a person lives to a great age. We almost become accustomed to having them there.

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