Your Hindi words of the day – “tika utsav”

Your Hindi words of the day – “tika utsav”

Before we start, and by way of introduction, I’d like to explain something to all my non-Indian/non-India based readers.

We have a Prime Minister who launches a lot of campaigns, almost always with nice snappy, slogans. His latest one, launched today, is no exception.

Since Mr. Modi’s many slogans are always catchy and often alliterative, I thought, why not use ’em to improve my Hindi vocabulary?

Why not indeed?

And voilà, I give you this week’s slogan: “tika utsav “.

Meaning “vaccination festival” or “vaccine festival.”

Now I realise that there is a difference in English between vaccine and vaccination, but I don’t know if there is the same nuance in Hindi…so if anyone can tell me, please do enlighten me!

Also, can someone please let me know the precise difference between “tika” and “tikakaran”, which I thought was the word for vaccination.

Anyway, linguistics aside, we are now having a 5 day vaccination festival here.

The PM, in his own inimitable way, gave us some catchy slogans to work with during this festival, and I quote:

The Prime Minister also posted four requests along with his message.

“Today we are starting the Tika Utsav across the country. In this round of fight against Corona, I have four requests…Each One – Vaccinate One, Each One – Treat One, Each One – Save One, and creation of micro-containment zone.”

Now I won’t lie.

I got a bit of a shock when I read that first request, “Each One – Vaccinate One”.

How the heck can I vaccinate anyone?

But I was, of course, taking things too literally.

“Explaining what each request entails, PM Modi said Each One – Vaccinate One means helping those (such as less educated and old) who cannot get themselves vaccinated.”

I am delighted to report that hubby dearest has already fulfilled this request, on day one of the festival.

I heard him talking to the mechanic who is working on his car, down on the drive. Himmat was explaining how he can just rock up at a vaccination centre and get his “tika” – the poor man was confused about online registration etc. So Himmat told him about the brilliant government hospital we went to, so let’s hope that he goes & gets himself vaccinated.

In the spirit of this “utsav”, I shall nag the “mali” (gardener) when he comes this evening. At the time when we were getting vaccinated, I checked his age (he was old enough to qualify) but he sheepishly confessed that the date of birth on his ID card is wrong, making him technically ineligible at that time. Now that a new age-slab has opened up, he should qualify.

So I, too, shall do my “Each One-Vaccinate One” duty later on.

And here endeth your Hindi lesson of the day 🙂


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