There is seemingly no depths to which people will not sink, in their desire to stir up communal divisions in India.

The latest round of hate-mongering involves 2 brilliant young medical students from the southern state of Kerala, who posted a 30 second clip to social media.

In it, dressed in scrubs, they are dancing to a classic Boney M Number.

Like so:

I shared it on my Twitter feed last week, as it happens, not expecting what would happen next.

No sooner had these 2 talented and engaging youngsters, Naveen Razak and Janaki Omkumar, both from Thrissur Medical College, posted their clip, than someone decided to give the lovely, happy moment a communal twist.

“While the video went viral, with the duos impressive dance moves, an advocate named Krishna Raj gave a communal turn to the video, ‘advising’ Janaki’s parents to be ‘careful’ as Naveen is a Muslim. In a Facebook post, Krishna said, “I smell something wrong here. Janaki’s parents should be careful. And if they are careful, they won’t have to be sorry later.”

What a terrible thing to say.

But what happened next was little short of brilliant.

“In protest against the lawyer and to shun communal angle, other medical students began uploading their own dance videos to the tune of ‘Rasputin’. ‘The Rasputin Challenge’ soon flooded the social media, many videos came in of students dancing to the song.”

Such a cool way of ridiculing a deliberate attempt at stirring up hatred.

And, to top it all, the Kerala Police joined in the fun yesterday, launching this totally brilliant ad:

Well done to all these smashing kids and to the Kerala police. We need to shut down the hate-mongering, and there is no better way of doing it than by ridicule.

Great story!


  1. Kiran Tandon

    Naveen K Razak, refusing to verbally reply to the hate comments, responded by releasing another video along with other students of “Vikings” – the dance group of Thrissur Medical College. The new video has more dancers dancing to the same song and the same moves as the original Reels video along with a message of ‘unity in diversity’. It was posted on social media post with the caption: “If you’ve decided to hate, we’ve decided to resist”.

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