Your Hindi word of the day: “jadibooti”

Your Hindi word of the day: “jadibooti”

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, here in India we have a prime Minister who gives lots of speeches and launches lots of slogans.

A propos of nothing, Mr. Modi’s hair is quite long now

Mr. Modi’s eloquence is absolutely brilliant for someone like me, with many lacunae in her Hindi vocabulary, since his speeches are always a source of new vocabulary.

Like his speech last week to students, when he gave them some interesting advice:

I’ll leave aside visualising the national anthem, and rather look at the word “jadibooti” which the Hindustan Times translated as herbs.

As does Mr. Google:

But I think it is more like “herbal remedy”.

Yes? No?

Am I right? Or hopelessly off course?

It definitely doesn’t mean “herbs” in the cooking sense, that much I do know.

So I’m guessing “herbal remedy” is sort of OK as a translation…


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