Introducing Prince Harry Middleton

Introducing Prince Harry Middleton

I have one of my Singapore-based climbing friends to thank for alerting me to this absolutely mad story from Punjab.

While I was out walking this morning, Prapti Whatsapped me a link to a story about Prince Harry.

“OK,” I thought. “Sweet of Prapti. Must be something to do with the royal funeral this weekend. I’ll continue exercising and check it out later.”

Then came another message, saying she’d checked the story out on the the Punjab High Court website and it was true.


The Punjab High Court?

Prince Harry?

What on earth was this about?

And so I stopped and read her intriguing message and all became clear…well, as clear as mud, in a manner of speaking.

A lawyer (yup, a lawyer) was seeking action against Prince Harry for breaking a promise to marry her.

That would, of course, be Prince Harry Middleton, son of Prince Charles Middleton.

Yeah, I know you don’t believe me, so here you go – the court judgement:

Apart from the batshit craziness of thinking Prince Harry Middleton (who he?) would propose via email, & that the UK police would arrest him for not marrying Ms Palwinder Kaur, I absolutely LOVED this sentence in the judge’s summary:

“There is every possibility that so-called Prince Harry may be sitting in a Cyber Cafe of a village in Punjab, looking for greener pastures for himself.”

You have to wonder why such a bonkers habeas corpus case was even admitted in court in the first place, but Judge Sangwan seems to be a compassionate person:

“..this Court…can only show sympathy for the petitioner that she has believed such fake conversation to be true.”

You absolutely couldn’t make this stuff up 🙂


  1. Penny Winter

    Is it possible that Prince Harry Middleton is actually a real person but still scamming? After all I did know an American lady whose given name was Countess so I’m sure there may well be a number of Prince Harrys about!

  2. Prapti Acharya

    Prapti Acharya
    Priceless stuff ! I was particularly confused about who to laugh at in the part where the judge said – “poorly drafted , both grammatically and ….”!

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