Here we go again

Here we go again

Last March, we had a day-long “People’s Curfew” which segued seamlessly into a 68 day lockdown. Actually I think it might have been 70 days for we Delhi-walas, but what’s 2 days here or there amongst friends?

Fast forward a year and a month, and here we are again.

This weekend’s curfew has segued into a week’s lockdown. Well, it’s a week as of now, but you never know…

Lockdown was only announced at lunchtime, meaning I managed to squeeze in my 10km early morning in my lovely local park, and we also managed a farewell 4km walk this evening, but now, as from tonight, we will be indoors.

As in inside our property.

I’ll do a 2020 redux, and walk up and down the driveway and/or round and round the roof terrace, fully recognising that I am lucky to have this much open space.

We did a big-ish grocery shop, just in case. We have a lot of mouths to feed.

And sadly here we are, in a city teetering on the brink of medical infrastructure collapse. Hospital beds, oxygen, meds, vaccines – even, horrifically – space in crematoria are in short supply.

It is just awful.

The same scenario is playing out in other cities across the country, and the central government seems to have washed its hands of the whole mess. All responsibility is being laid at the feet of local and state government, whilst the desperately needed supplies, especially the vaccines, are controlled by the Centre.

Yesterday I learned that 4 people I know well, 2 of them dear friends, have tested positive.

My Twitter timeline is full of desperate pleas from people all over India asking for meds or places in hospital.

Our former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has tested positive.

Other cities across the country are heading into lockdown as well.

It is a never-ending stream of awful news.

Anyway, trying to be practical: for all my Delhi readers – here’s what’s allowed:

So, as we all prepare to hunker down, I send love and long-distance hugs and good wishes to every single one of you out there.

Stay safe, friends.

And yes, obviously, there were pre-lockdown, long, un-socially-distanced queues outside booze shops this afternoon 😛


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