Every day, more tears

Every day, more tears

From the ongoing tide of lovely, caring, worried messages and calls from friends and family around the world, you are all clearly up to speed with the horrific situation here in Delhi.

To everyone who has called, emailed, WhatsApped, Instagram-messaged me, I have nothing but thanks and gratitude for your love and concern. And quite a few tears.

This morning’s horrific headline

Last year, I found myself crying (almost irrationally) whenever I saw those visuals of Italians on their balconies, singing together. Every time I’d see a zoom choir or concert, the tears would start.

A year on, and so many of you overseas are cautiously emerging, able to meet people and travel a little, and I am thrilled for you all, and relieved that your ordeal is almost over.

For us here in India, the nightmare is even worse than last year, because it is compounded with the knowledge that our government had a year in which to act.

They had the time.

They had the money.

And they didn’t prepare.

At all.

Now my tears are not at emotional music or singing, but at the brutal horrors we see on our screens and in our morning papers.

Dozens of funeral pyres, people cremated in tightly packed rows.

Doctors begging for oxygen for their hospitals.

There is such a feeling of helplessness and anger – if that makes any sense as a combo.

I start my day by checking in on everyone I know who has tested positive, and every day the list gets longer.

Every single day.

Yesterday we found out that 4 members of Himmat’s family (over 3 different households) are positive.

And since we are locked down (lockdown has just been extended for another week) there is nothing one can do.

Just call people, and message them to see how they are.

And send positive thoughts.

And hunker down even more.

We seem to be living in a country out of control and rudderless.

Our esteemed PM says nothing to ease the fear and worry of the 1.3 billion people he professes to serve:

The Chief Minister of India’s most populous state, Yogi Adityanath, however, has plenty to say:

Amid reports of patients and hospitals struggling to find and maintain oxygen supply, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked officials to take action under the National Security Act and seize the property of individuals who spread “rumours” and propaganda on social media and try to “spoil the atmosphere”.

Mr. Adityanath asserted that there was no shortage of oxygen supply in any COVID-19 hospital – private or government-run – but that the actual problem was blackmarketing and hoarding.

On the subject of the apparent 100% availability of oxygen, the Solicitor General of India also had this to say yesterday:

So what oxygen crisis, you might well ask?

Who are all these families begging for oxygen?

What is my local RWA thinking of, suggesting the setting up an oxygen cylinder tank sharing system?

Who are all these hospital administrators pleading on Twitter for supplies?

And what on earth was this Tweet that I saw just now, whilst writing this?

What #oxygencrisis?

Apparently it will be 2 more weeks till we hit the peak of this current wave.

God help us all.

Let me state here, for the record, that I am sending love and positive thoughts and prayers to everyone who is sick, to everyone who is trying to save their sick family members, and to every one who is just plain, damned scared.

Stay home.

Stay safe.

Oh, before I sign off…just before pushing the “Publish” button that will send this into cyberspace, I checked Twitter.


      1. Kelli Hughes

        Roslyn Namgyal sadly Norman Swan on ABC health report thinks the daily case numbers won’t peak for another 2-3 weeks. A US epidemiologist said it could reach 1 mill new cases a day by mid May. Heartbreaking.

        1. Roslyn Namgyal

          Penny Winter – we are starting to be affected. Several relatives have had COVID but so far they have pulled through. Vaccinations are taking place in the hill states- and they offer if not prevention then at least less severity of symptoms. There is still some semblance of order and provision. My beloved friends in Delhi however are experiencing utter devastation. At least we can be in touch but it is a bitter safety for us. We are so safe and cared for and our elders and brothers and sisters in India are in such danger and pain. ?

  1. Ram Venkatraman

    all of them are collectively responsible for this mess the EC, SC, leaders in allowing kumbh mela & going ahead with election rallies and not being prepared despite having one year to do that and enough money in their kitty. They have blood on their hands. I wonder how they sleep at night.

  2. Mad Shenker

    So many emotions. Heartbroken seeing the news, so many people dead, and the impact that alone has on their families, grief and loss.
    But I am infuriated by the officials at the top. I mean ffs (pardon my French) wtf are thinking!!!!! Obviously not in their right mind.
    Please take care Christine. ??
    Extremely concerned for my friends and the little family I have left in India. ??????

  3. Su Sheppard

    Christine, I am horrified by the news coming from Delhi! I thought the UK was bad but…
    Please stay safe ?? my thought are with you and other friends I know in India. Love and hugs xx xx

    1. Christine

      Meenal Bishnoi I cannot handle the insulting, blatant lies. For God’s sake, admit to lapses. Admit there are problems. But the constant, brazen lying. As though we are all simpletons.

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