Let them eat chocolate

Let them eat chocolate

Yeah, I know it’s bad form to start with an apology, but I’m going to do so all the same.

Sorry for being a little quiet over the past few days, but there’s really only one thing to talk about here in India and especially in Delhi where I live, and that is coronavirus.

And the complete and utter sh*t show that is the official, governmental response to this pandemic.

For the past few months I’ve really tried to be upbeat and positive here in my blog, partly because that’s what we’ll need, and partly because I want to get all the vicious trolls off my back.

I’m fed up of badly written, ugly messages telling me to go back to my own country. I don’t know how many times I have to repeat it here, but – like it or not – this is my country.

This is where I live.

This is where I will most probably die, and be buried.

(I know I don’t have say this to all you well-mannered readers. That was for any trolls out there who still read what I write 😛 )

So yes, back to my apology.

I have been so depressed and so fearful at what is happening, that I decided I needed a bit of headspace.

Otherwise, dear reader, I would have to vent all over you, day after day after day.

I would have to vent about my friends in ICU on oxygen.

I would have to vent about the hours it takes to try and book a vaccination appointment online.

I would have to vent about the tragedies unfolding in the city and in this country.

So I took a few days off.

I don’t know about you, and this is addressed to all my Indian friends and readers, but I start every day like this:

  1. Apprehension about switching on my mobile in case there is bad news.

2. Then I start messaging and calling people who are sick, checking in with them.

Day after day after day.

It is endless, it is soul-destroying, it is demoralising – AND WE ARE SAFE AND HEALTHY.

I cannot even begin to imagine the terror and exhaustion of those caring for sick friends and family.

Which is why the latest crass idiocy from the mouth of our esteemed health minister makes you want to scream.

This man…

…this doctor…

…this minister…

…suggested that eating dark chocolate would beat Covid stress.

His Tweet, in Hindi
The advice about dark chocolate with its 70% cocoa content

I mean, who doesn’t love a pice of dark chocolate?

This sounds just the ticket for the poor villagers in Bihar, who have resorted to throwing the bodies of their dead into the river.

Equally, sounds just the ticket for all the millions of people still waiting for their vaccinations. Though, to be fair, Mr. Vardhan does keep telling us how many sms the government has sent out, so I suppose that’s some consolation.

Nibble on that dark chocolate, won’t you, while you keep getting those OTPS, as you try over and over and over again to book a vaccination via the government website.

Let them eat cake.

The 2021 version.


  1. Daniel Phuntsog

    BTW Mumbai has already started gearing up for a third wave….
    The city of Mumbai didn’t have much of an oxygen crisis because they had installed Oxygen Gas Generating Plants in all the government hospitals of the city in summer of 2020 itself.
    The local made ventilators are not able to provide high flow oxygen and the thousands of these particular ventilators are useless as doctors are not willing to use them… the photo ops took place…. that’s where they worked and when the money is in the bank… who gives a damn if they work or not….
    Please don’t question anything about lack of beds or oxygen… a person may end up in the slammer….

  2. Praveen Ashok

    enough of their dark jokes, he is suggesting dark chocolates to the village and hinterlands dwellers to whom even the development has evaded & the irony is he is messaging via tweet… these bunch of jokers don’t ever fail to demonstrate their narcissistic pleasure even in pain and death

  3. Vik de Harad

    Oh dear, Christine, I despair so much. This isn’t just a shit show of governance anymore, it’s criminal! Being so far away I abhor opening facebook lest I see familiar faces, gone. The Whatsapp sound is just excruciating. What have they done to that land?! Sorry for this rant. Stay safe.

  4. Su Sheppard

    Oh dear! Christine I do hope you can get some light relief from all the CV19 stuff – and if all else fails, in the words of my late grandad – would you like a cuppa cocoa?? ??

  5. Julian Parr

    Oh wow the dark chocolate cure passed me by until you flagged it up – at least it is more palatable than drinking cow urine but how to get your hands on any 70% plus in Delhi which I hear, to add to your woes has gone dry again. Sending love from London

  6. Anne Marie Phillips

    I think of you and your family every time the news comes on and India is mentioned. Mind you, we don’t hear of the stupidity of your leaders. Does the rest of the world know how stupid this man is? The mind is truly “boggled” at what I hear from you. You must have heard from Jane that things are improving here. I am just fearful that general ignorance and stupidity just might propel us back into another lockdown. However so many people have had vaccinations so, hopefully, the spread should be limited. I won’t be rushing out to the pub, cinema, restaurant, or the theatre any time soon. Watch and see …..
    My prayers are with you. Continue to take care and take solace in the fact that you have stayed healthy so far.

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