What’s the Hindi word for “shape-shifter”?

What’s the Hindi word for “shape-shifter”?

Thanks to the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi, I know the answer.

The PM was recently talking about the virus mutating.

“This virus is famous for changing itself through mutations. It is like a bahurupia (shape-shifter) and clever as well.”


Like so:

Let’s analyse this interesting word, shall we? And PLEASE, if I have misunderstood the etymology of the word, PLEASE correct me.

I think “bahu” must come from “bahut” = a lot, many.

“Rupia” is from “roop” appearance, form, look.

So many + form = shapeshifter.

Or, as you can also spell it 😛 😛

For my non Hindi-reading readers this latter word is simply “shape-shifter” phonetically transliterated into Hindi.

My kinda Hindi, I always declare, whenever I come across delicious literal translations like this 🙂

Fascinatingly, while researching this word, I discovered that “bahurupia” is also a dying art form of impressionism.

You live and you learn.

Thanks to Mr. Modi, I am slowly shape-shifting myself into a better Hindi speaker.


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