So how is everyone doing?

So how is everyone doing?

Hello and I thought I’d just log in and check how everyone is doing.

Since all you lovely folk are scattered around the globe, I know that some of you are starting to lead almost normal lives. Indeed, one of my British friends is flying overseas on holiday today, and I hope she has an absolutely brilliant time.

London-based friends tell me that they have been to the ballet. Unimaginable. (Well, the unimaginable bit is actually the existence of ballet, living as I do in a city with absolutely no affinity for Western classical dance 😛 )

Other friends tell me they have house-guests.

That they are eating out.

That they have been to exhibitions.

For many countries, life is slowly limping back to normal.

Not so here in India, or at least not so as far as I am concerned.

I see from social media that many of my running friends are out and about, meeting up, running together. People are out cycling.

(Of course, they could all be fibbing and sharing old photos, and I’m taking everything too literally, but I think not.)

Those of you who follow me on my running Instagram feed will by now be familiar with every inch of our driveway, since I walk upanddownandupanddownandupanddown every morning. It is boring as heck, but since we are locked down, I choose to follow the rules.

I have a feeling that things might be eased a little more this weekend, when the current lockdown ends, because it would appear that things are indeed slowly improving in Delhi. Though with 2 friends in ICU and no vaccine appointments available for my staff, things still seem tense and worrying. But it is definitely not as awful as a few weeks ago.

If restrictions are indeed lifted this weekend, I shall head out to walk and run with the greatest relief, because although I’m grateful to have a driveway and a small patch of lawn, it is constricting. I’ll be glad to be able to walk without turning round and doubling back every 50 metres.

But I will absolutely not be heading off to run in Lutyens Delhi, and more especially Raj Path and India Gate, which used to be my favourite place to run, because…well, just read this and you’ll know why…

Nor will I be zooming off to a mall or a restaurant any time soon. At least not until much more of the population has been vaccinated.

As of May 31, apparently just 4.15% of the population has been fully vaccinated, so there’s no likelihood of my heading out to the cinema any month soon

We’re all fine, touch wood, though fretting about our 2 sick friends, here in Delhi.

I am feeling restless and yet apprehensive, relieved to be safe and yet a bit fed up. If those combos make any sense.

The political news is rubbish.

I stopped listening to the BBC Global News podcast while I exercise – a routine for a couple of years now – because I kept wanting to cry.

I also can’t concentrate on fiction any more, and can hardly remember the plot of novels I read just a few weeks earlier.

So I have started on non-fiction. Lots of books about fitness and climbing and ultra-running…substitutes for what should have been last summer’s Big Adventures, and what will doubtless be this summer’s non-starter Big Adventures.

These are petty, selfish concerns in the overall scheme of things, I fully accept.

The weather is also weird.

Right now it is absolutely bucketing down, but we are still weeks away from the monsoons.

Everything is just a wee bit “off”, if that makes any sense.

Yeah, so that’s me.

Fine but fretful.

#staysafe #stayhome

And let me know how you all are 🙂


  1. Agnes Duntze

    Nous allons bien Christine .. tous les deux vaccinés.. l’été arrive et on croise les doigts pour que nous puissions retrouver une vie quasi normale et revoir tous les amis ??

  2. Dawn McMaster

    Dave and I are escaping a significant part of the commotion now that we are in the country where we can walk, bike, ski and swim without running into people. We’re hoping for second jabs in the next few weeks. i hope you remain safe.

  3. Anne Dobson

    We’re fine thank you – doubly vaccinated so feeling more confident. Able to mix with family again – so happy! More importantly, how are you? What’s happening in Delhi?

  4. Penny Winter

    We’re good, both fully vaccinated. Half the children and partners at least had 1st vax, will be 2/3 tomorrow. Mark and wife Lizzie arrive back from working in Bkk next weekend so after they have done their quarantine getting them vaccinated will be a priority.

  5. Maureen Anderson

    We are doing fine we get our second covid shot next weekend then we’re of to see some of our children,grandkids,and great grandson who we haven’t see for months almost half of are great grandsons life so lm very excited about seeing everyone and catching up with all hugs and kisses I’m owed from them all and mine to give to them.

  6. Myriam Sleeckx

    Next week we’ll have our second vaccine. And we already booked our holiday in Spain. I’m so ready to travel again. ? Bars and restaurants are open again but only eating outside. And with the weather in Belgium is this a tricky one. People have dinner under umbrella ?. ?. Fitness and gym are opening this week. Looking forward to it. Christine, I wish you all the best and stay safe.

  7. BS

    I can relate to the situation there. North India is still in shock after the last few months of pandemic. It’s really ‘off’ around. Reality is truly grim. Hope you are taking good care of yourself. Tough times and got tougher due to the government here..hopeless! Pathetic! Idiotic and yes high on Cows and their byproducts.. Lol. Stay safe and wish you a lovely weekend.

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