What an insensitive storm in a linguistic tea-cup

What an insensitive storm in a linguistic tea-cup

So yesterday this happened:

By way of explanation for all my non-Indian readers, many of the country’s nurses come from south India, particularly from Kerala, where their native language is Malayalam.

Hindi is largely spoken in north India.

English is also widely spoken in India.

I first saw this piece of nonsense on Twitter this morning. Since I am currently being treated as an out-patient in hospital, where many of the nursing staff are, indeed, from Kerala, I let off a bit of social-media steam. As one does.

I was not alone in being outraged, thank the good Lord above.

Such was the outcry, that the hospital rescinded its order this morning, saying that the circular was issued without its knowledge.

Of course it was.

We are still battling Covid here, remember, and there is not one person in this country who doesn’t owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to our nurses.

So enough with even bothering about which language they speak

They are all lovely, caring, kind young women, and to have even thought of highlighting their difference is cheap and nasty.

And profoundly ungrateful.

They are all super-heroines in my book.

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