Meet the matching tailors of Kerala

Meet the matching tailors of Kerala

Hello, here I am, back to blogging after a month.

Guilty as charged.

In my defence, it has been a pretty stressful month, during which I lost two very close friends in the space of a week, plus an acquaintance.

Three deaths in a week shake one to the very core.

Coupled with some medical stuff (non-Covid) going on in my own life, I held off from weeping and venting all over you all.

But now, here I am. Back online.

So what else has happened, other than all this sadness, do I hear you ask?

Well, to celebrate the end of my medical issues, we headed up to the hills to stay with our good friends Shalini and Dam in Himachal. You can read more about their property in one of my other blogs – here is the link.

A wonderful time, as ever, but now we are back and wilting in the Delhi heat and humidity, waiting for the monsoons to break. After much tom-toming from the Met Dept. that the rains would come way earlier than usual, they are now spectacularly late.

At one point, we were actually debating whether we should even risk driving up to Himachal, given that the rains were forecast to come several weeks early. Driving in the mountains during the rains ain’t for sissies.

Thank goodness we decided to ignore the weather man!

The rains are now due to come by the 10th of this month…watch this space…

Without wishing to sound too doom-y and gloomy, to be honest there isn’t a whole lot of cheerful news coming out of this country. Although our Covid situation appears to have improved vastly since those nightmare days of April and May, it is still bad.

Plus, the minute many lockdown restrictions were lifted, people headed out and about behaving as though the pandemic is over. A sense of freedom coupled with the heatwave here in the plains, has unleashed crowds of people making for the hills. (As we did, to be fair).

Look at these images from another part of Himachal…3rd wave, anybody?

All of which is to say that I haven’t really felt like blogging.

Until I read this absolutely mad story.

It’s about 2 friends in Kerala (a state in south India) who have dressed exactly the same for 25 years.

It is utterly delightful, and I love it, and it made me smile, and I want you all to smile, too.

Do please watch the news clip in the link I shared.

I can’t understand a word of it, but the smiles say it all 🙂

They look like two all-round lovely blokes.

Hope you’re smiling 🙂


  1. Mariasun Azcuna

    Hi Christine,rains hve come in our part of the world n it has turned cool now!relief!condolences on the passing away of friends.we felt that way in april n may when there was a covid surge wd new hope you are better!

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