The strange tale of the drunk cattle

The strange tale of the drunk cattle

To put the following completely dotty story about drunk cattle in perspective, you first need to know that the Indian state of Gujarat (where this story takes place) is a dry state. In other words, no alcohol at all is allowed – you cannot own it, sell it, nor drink it.

In Gujarat — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state — making, buying, selling or transporting alcohol is outlawed, punishable by hefty fines and even prison sentences.

So, the scene is set.

We are in a state with prohibition.

Enter 3 farmers who were happily making their own moonshine, and storing it in their own animals’ drinking trough.

Trouble is, when some of the bottles broke…yup, you guessed it…

Their own animals drank the water with their owners’ illicit booze in it, and obviously got sick.

So the farmers took the cattle to a vet, who discovered that, guess what, the animals were drunk.

Vet tips off the cops, who raid the farm and discover 100 bottles of hooch.

You couldn’t make this level of daftness up 😛

And yes, the animals are now OK.

I worried about that, too 🙂

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  1. Maureen Anderson

    They can get drunk eating fruit or enything thing that will ferment ,there digestion is just so slow,they can be mean drunks though so take care if you find one or it find you,lol

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