Meet the brothers Socialism, Communism and Leninism

Meet the brothers Socialism, Communism and Leninism

Sometimes India makes me laugh out loud with sheer delight.

And the story I am about to share with you now is one that did just that.

This is the delightful story of a family from the southern India state of Tamil Nadu, where 3 brothers are called Socialism, Communism and Leninism, befitting names I’m sure you’ll agree, when your Dad is a staunch Communist.

There is even a grandson called Marxism.

(I lOVE this family already).

Now young Socialism got married last month and – in an absolutely delicious twist – the name of his bride is…

Mamata Banerjee 🙂 🙂

Actually, to be accurate, the young lady’s name is P. Mamata Banerjee, and she was named by her grandfather after a certain firebrand left-wing politician in West Bengal. (For non-Indian readers, Mamata Banerjee is the name of the feisty, gutsy Chief Minister of West Bengal. And for what it’s worth I am a big fan of Mamata Senior.)

Anyway, there you go.

An absolutely fab family.

I wish this brilliantly named young couple nothing but happiness.

And here are a couple of links to the story.

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