RIP Danish Siddiqui

RIP Danish Siddiqui

A young man was killed today in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Danish Siddiqui, a renowned Indian photojournalist, a Pulitzer Prize winner, worked with Reuters.

I have never met Mr. Siddiqui but I have featured some of his extraordinary images here in my blog, especially those he shot at the height of the devastating Covid wave that struck us here in Delhi in April and May this year.

Even the act of re-viewing one of his powerful images just now before posting it here, once again reduced me to tears.


The raw grief of this family who had just lost their husband & father to Covid…I am crying as I type…just as I did when I originally shared this gut-wrenching photo…

I’m sure that wherever you live, you must have seen these images he took of the funeral pyres burning here in Delhi. I know they sent shock waves around the world:

You remember these, surely?

Amongst other assignments, he covered the Rohingya crisis, the anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protests here in Delhi, and our harsh lockdown.

Just look at this image of a father walking across India with his child, after Mr. Modi shut down the country with a mere 4 hours notice:

A mob beating a man:

A man threatening a crowd of anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protesters in Delhi last January. I used this photo, too, in my blog:

And now this talented, compassionate man is dead.

I won’t even sully this small tribute to him by sharing some of the vile, evil bilge from Hindutva trolls who are rejoicing in his death, as though it is some kind of cosmic revenge for the images of the disasters and horrors he shared with the world.

I’ll let the outspoken Kashmiri political Omar Abdullah have the final word:

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