Please meet the brothers Canon, Nikon & Epson

Please meet the brothers Canon, Nikon & Epson

Hot on the heels of the story I shared with you a few days ago about the brothers Socialism, Communism and Leninism (& don’t forget little baby Marxism, of course), I bring you another delightfully monikered family:

Now please meet the brothers Canon, Nikon & Epson.

Here they are, below:

Canon, Epson and Nikon reside in a house named “Click” in Karnataka’s Belgaum district.

The newly built house of photographer couple Ravi and Krupa Hongal, which resembles a giant DSLR camera, has not only enamoured locals but has become quite a sensation on social media.

The three-storied camera-shaped house located in Shastri Nagar is an expression of passion and love for the art of photography of the couple whose children- three boys- have all been named after the iconic camera brands.

Their names ”Canon”, ”Epson” and ”Nikon” feature prominently on the house whose exterior resembles a camera. Just like a camera, the building has a glass window shaped as a viewfinder and another as a lens. It sports a wide film strip, a flash and even a memory card.

This story went viral about this time last year, so mea culpa that I’m sharing it 12 months late, but it is so lovely that it has cheered me up no end, and I’ve decided to spread the smiles here.

This family from Karnataka probably slightly trumps the wonderful political family from Tamil Nadu, not in the name department (they are all equally fabulous) but because of their house, which is built in the shape of a camera.

Go on admit it, this house – isn’t it just too amazing?!

Ravi says that he wanted the three floors of his house to represent his three sons. β€œThe first floor has elements of the Epson printer, the second has the body of the Nikon camera and the third floor has the flash of the Canon camera,” he adds.

And, if you look at the photo below, each boy is standing on his “own” floor πŸ™‚

In a world of dull housing estates and utilitarian architecture, this certainly jazzes things up.

Quite made my day πŸ™‚

You’re very welcome!

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