Rowdies beware!

Rowdies beware!

Over the last few days I have shared with you 2 delicious stories about wonderful south Indian names – remember the political brothers and the photographic brothers?

And just yesterday I shared with you a new Hindi word that I learned – “mawali” – that means the following:

And now….quick drumroll…I combine more brilliant names + some “mawali” hoodlums/bums/ruffians in one divine story from (yet again) south India.

Here you go. The Bengaluru (Bangalore) cops are closing in on the city’s rowdies.

The Bangalore Mirror also reported this story, using one of my most favourite Indianisms ever – “a rowdy sheeter” 🙂 :).

This glorious word was one of my words of the day last year, so just remember that you read it here first!

Wilson Garden Naga, Silent Sunil, Cycle Ravi and Mr.JCB Narayana are not just any old “rowdy elements”, dear reader, make no mistake. These fellas are “notorious rowdy elements”.

They are also, no surprise, all absconding – another fave Indianism:

So there you are.

Bums and ruffians and notorious rowdy-sheeter with brilliant names, neatly tying together some of the week’s best stories for you.

You are very welcome!


  1. Sanjeev Chhabra

    Christine Pemberton it is a tad demeaning. And mainly a Maharashtra/Gujarat lingo. If used lovingly, its cool. We eternally call our elder dog a Gundi and our younger one badmash

  2. Rowdy is the Southern colloquial for the Northen Gunda, which Cred makes Rahul Dravid mouth “goonda”

    This makes way for a whole series on Connotation Indian English.

    Waste means “useless or low quality” in South, not “unused”. I almost got beaten up over that! And wasted means something totally different in American aka South Delhi English….

        1. Sanjeev Chhabra

          Christine Pemberton Indian English ka Goonda Mawali hoon main…..
          What exactly are you doing nowadays to pick up these choicy Hindi words?
          Mawali though is more of West India lingo

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