Eyup!  It’s Yorkshire Day!

Eyup! It’s Yorkshire Day!

Now I might no longer live in God’s Own Country, but there’s nowt like Yorkshire Day for reminding me of ‘ow gradely the old home country is.

I won’t embarrass anyone – least of all the country where I now reside – by quoting the number of medals Yorkshire has already won at the Olympics…and this was 5 days ago

…but just let’s say that if Yorkshire were a country:

While looking online for illustrations for this blog post I saw some reet daft questions on that ‘ere Google:

“Why is Yorkshire do big?” – I mean what kind of daft apeth would ask such a silly question?

“Why do they call Yorkshire God’s Own Country?” – another daft apeth.

I leave you with this thought:

“Never ask a man if he comes from Yorkshire.

If he does, he will tell you without asking.

If he does not, why humiliate him?”

Happy Yorkshire Day, world.

oh ‘eck, it’s also The Husband’s birthday. Better go wish him, too 😛 😛

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