Just checking in with you all

Just checking in with you all

Hello there, after a few weeks’ silence, for which I duly apologise.

There is no one, single, overwhelming reason for being so quiet, other than a pervading feeling of sadness at everything that is happening around us.

Every morning I tell myself that today will be the day that I sit down and write the nice chatty blog post you all deserve, then I open my morning paper and wham! the mood is instantly down.

After the terror and the horror of coronavirus here in Delhi earlier this year, things do seem to have calmed down a lot on the pandemic front, thank the good Lord above.

To all intents and purposes a lot of normal life has resumed, even though we are still being very cautious. People are going out and about – though we are not, sticking rather to our hermit-like lifestyle.

Without belabouring the point, because I have absolutely nothing to complain about, it does sometimes seem as though we’re living in a bit of a vacuum.

We are here, but our children are not, and sadly I fear that it will be many, many months until we can be together again as a family. But everyone is healthy, everyone in the household (bar one 16 year old child) is fully vaccinated – all the lovely Bahadurs and their families, plus driver, guard, gardener and all their dependents, so that’s a big relief…and yet, there is still a pall of gloom and worry.

From being a total newspaperaholic and newsaholic, I have cut down my consumption of current affairs drastically. I no longer listen to news podcasts when I run, choosing instead to listen to programmes about climbing mountains or running ultramarathons, in a bid to stay positive and upbeat.

The little news I continue to consume here in India is pretty dismal. Increasing intolerance, increasing religious communalism.

There have been terrible landslides in the Himalayas, and the monsoon here in Delhi is playing silly Bs, so all in all, yup – I am switching off the news, ditching my morning paper, and choosing instead to escape into a world of exercise and long walks.

How are you all?

Let me know.

I sometimes fret that I am over-fretting, but to be honest between Coronavirus + the horrors of Afghanistan + the increasing, virulent communalism here, I think there’s reason to feel fretful.

Stay safe, dear reader.

And do let me know how you are.


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