There really is nowt so queer as folk

There really is nowt so queer as folk

I’ve shared with you before my classic go-to Yorkshire expression “There’s nowt so queer as folk.”

If the bizarre story below didn’t involve a rape trial, it would be laugh-aloud bonkers.

As it, some poor girl has gone through the unspeakable horror of being raped, and now, in court, this jackass decides he wants to pretend to be her lawyer.

So I can’t laugh uproariously at it, not at all.

But it is, you have to admit, downright weird:

“… (he) bought a white shirt, black trousers and shoes in a showroom near the court on Saturday, after which he headed into a court-room.”

Glad he was arrested.

Trust the bastard rapist didn’t get bail.

And would that the cops arrested every bl**dy rapist out there with the same alacrity as they arrested this weirdo. Though to be fair to the cops, this idiot was parading himself right in front of them.

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