Of dahlias and misty hills

Of dahlias and misty hills

Hello from Uttarkhand in northern India, where we are staying with friends in Mussoorie, a hill station.

Ideally, I’d like to show you a photo of the Himalayan ranges that we can usually see from the house, but today we are swathed in mist. Thick white clouds have enveloped us all day.

Like so:

So you’ll have to take those magnificent views on trust.

We’ve been up here for nearly a week, walking miles every day, reading lots, and enjoying the stunning mountain scenery. Well, between the mist and the clouds, of course 🙂

Every morning I go for a 4 or 5km walk before breakfast, and on misty days the lack of views is amply compensated for by the silence, since the clouds and mist muffle the sounds from the town below. It’s a lovely, calming sensation, walking in a white, silent world.

Amidst all the depressing news (pretty much standard newspaper fare these days) there was an interesting little story about wild dahlias in the Mussoorie edition of the Times of India this morning.

Yes, wild dahlias forsooth.

I have actually noticed quite a few of them during my walks – makes more sense now, because one of my regular walking routes is along a road mentioned in the article below.

I rather like the idea of homesick Brits bringing flower seeds with them, in an attempt to recreate a little bit of “home”, and then the seeds “escaping” and adapting to the wild.

After all these decades, it would be sad if these flowers disappeared from the Mussoorie hills, victims of urbanisation and climate change.

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