Music to my ears

Music to my ears

Having just driven down from the hills back to Delhi, our ears are still ringing from the endless car honking that constitutes much of Indian driving.

So I, for one, whole-heartedly welcome the Hon. Minister for Transport’s suggestion that henceforth Indian car horns should sound like traditional musical instruments such as the tabla or the flute.

I kid you not.

I give you Mr. Gadkari in his own words:

I think this is utterly brilliant.

The Hon. Minister

But how will it work?

Do you get to choose your instrument?

Or will it be a function of the size of your car?

And can we retro-fit these musical horns? If I could swap my bog-standard car horn for a flute…ah, now you’re talking…

Can you imagine the cacophony I mean the music at traffic lights, when, traditionally, the 17th car back from the light starts noisily honking away as soon as the light changes, and then all the others follow suit?

It will be a real life traffic jam 😛 😛


  1. Anne+Marie+Phillips

    Isn’t it funny? I hardly ever use my horn. Usually when some idiot gets into the wrong lane round a roundabout and the casually drifts across into my lane. I have had to make myself use the horn because I got told off for swearing at drivers. “They can’t hear you. ” it must be a culture thing. We don’t use our horns here.

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