Serendipity in the hills

Serendipity in the hills

Sometimes social media is an amazing thing. Sometimes, of course, it isn’t all that great.

But yesterday, social media did its thing.

Good ol’ Instagram, high up in the hills of Himachal, brought me together with a lovely young woman with whom I’d run a few times in Delhi, about 3 years ago – well, definitely pre-COVID.

Then she moved, so that was kinda that.

Akanksha and I follow each other on Instagram but we haven’t met in – well – probably about 3 years, as I said.

But lo!

Akanksha’s recent Instagram posts were all from the Phalachan Valley, which is where we are staying with our friends Shalini and Dam…so what was happening?

What were the chances that Akanksha should be managing a property in the very same valley where we are staying?

She works for a company called “Work from Mountains” and is currently looking after a cute property with brilliant views, a natural little pool and great WiFi.
In these post pandemic days, where many people are still WFH (working from home), why not work from the mountains? Makes total sense to me.

So yesterday we drove down the valley, Himmat, Bahadur and Deepak with their fishing gear, and yours truly with a book to read, and while they fished a new stretch of the river, I sat in the sun, read and chatted with Akanksha.

We caught up.

The new fishing spot was praised.

We visited the property’s cute water mill, where corn was being ground into corn flour:

Truly serendipitous and all thanks to, yup, social media.

Sometimes the world can be a delightfully small place 🙂


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