No pizza please, we’re Indian!

No pizza please, we’re Indian!

I’d like to share with you the thoughts of our esteemed Vice President, Mr. M Venkaiah Naidu, who earlier this week had a thing or two to say about burgers and pizzas.

To wit:

I am not prescribing a particular food, there are a lot of varieties, thousands of varieties in India. I’m only suggesting to go for cooked food – not stale or frozen food. We must go for organic indigenous food, this burger pizza may be suitable to those countries but not to our country…

They (junk food) will be suitable for conditions of certain foreign countries, but they are not suitable for Indian conditions. Unfortunately, we started aping the west and westernisation, some of our kids also developed that weakness…”

100% agree with Mr. Naidu about avoiding eating stale food.

Since Mr. Naidu didn’t fully explain why “this burger pizza” isn’t suitable for our Indian conditions, I shall simply bow to his superior knowledge.

As they say in those WhatsApp messages “Forwarded as received.”


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